Bitmoji App Icon Brand Color Codes

Bitmoji is an online service with which you can create a personal emoji – a digital avatar. The service uses several vivid colors in their brand primarily, because the target audience is the youth. The Bitmoji green color is bright and sparkling, and lends itself smoothly with their overall image.

Bitmoji App Icon brand hex, RGB, CMYK and Pantone® (PMS) color codes

Bitmoji Green
Bitmoji App Icon's Bitmoji Green color solid image preview download
Bitmoji App Icon's Bitmoji Green color
Hex code #39CA8E content_copy
RGB values (57, 202, 142) content_copy
CMYK values (18, 21, 0, 12) content_copy
Pantone® 2412 C content_copy

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