The world famous sports channel uses an extremely brilliant red color for branding. This red in the ESPN logo is intense and eye-catching and works well with sports and action. The PantoneĀ® number of the red is 032 C and the CMYK code is (0, 90, 86, 0).

ESPN brand hex, RGB, CMYK and Pantone® (PMS) color codes

ESPN's Red color solid image preview download
ESPN's Red color
Hex code #e52534 content_copy
RGB values (229, 37, 52) content_copy
CMYK values (0, 84, 77, 10)* content_copy
Pantone® 1788 C* content_copy

* These color values have not been given explicitly in the ESPN brand guidelines. They are, however, the closest numbers based on the official color codes provided.

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